Free wifi in Chaka town

The Internet is becoming so important in our lives that many people consider Internet access as important as water or power supply. Some even argue that internet access should be declared a human right because it enables people to educate themselves, access job offers, and connect with other people. However, in many places, cell phone contracts and data allowances are very expensive, so people with lower incomes may be unable to access the Internet, which negatively affects their ability to improve their situation. The (lack of) Internet can create a very deep divide in some societies and contribute to the persistance of inequality and poverty. This is why many analysts and advocates of economic and social development claim that cities should offer free public WiFi access to everyone. Currently, many cities all over the world are already providing this service to their citizens in many public places. But there are also costs and risks to consider which are deterring other local authorities from implementing similar initiatives. Find out more about the pros and cons of providing free wifi and tell us which is, in your opinion, the right decision.

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